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What Can We Do For You?

Many times we are asked what it is that a family physician can do.  As a family physician, Dr. Kaiser has not only completed four years of medical school but has also finished an intensive three-year residency in Family Medicine (

During residency, Dr. Kaiser received hands on training in multiple aspects of medical care including geriatrics and hospice care, adult internal medicine, gynecology, emergency medicine, orthopedics, pediatric and adolescent medicine, neonatal care, and even obstetrics.  Does this mean Dr. Kaiser can handle every medical problem…no, but he will be able to provide initial triage and work-up and then help get you to a specialist if the need arises.

Cindy Faulkner, PA-C,  has completed training in Physician Assistant School and Susan Foley, NP, has completed training in Nurse Practioner School.  They both have completed hands-on-training in family medicine clinics.   Cindy and Susan are well-versed in primary care and works closely with Dr. Kaiser to provide the highest level of medical service in our area.

One area that we pride ourselves on is the approach to “practicing by the book” or what we call “Evidence-Based Medicine.”  All providers have trained in an era in which medical research and the application of that research is easy to access with electronic media.  Instead of practicing medicine “because that is what has always been done”…we work hard to keep abreast of the newest research and treatment guidelines.  If you pose a question we can’t answer, we will search the literature to give you the “right” answer.

Speaking of innovation, the Platte Valley Medical Clinic, P.C., is the most technologically advanced small clinic in Wyoming.  With the support of the Corbett Medical Foundation, the clinic has been at the forefront of medical technology in Wyoming.  We have a fully integrated electronic medical record called “Amazing Charts” ( which we do find quite “Amazing” compared to those we have used in the past.  We have digital X-ray capabilities that allow us to have a radiologist read an X-ray in real-time with the patient in the room if the situation is critical.  Lastly, our clinic has been at the forefront of developing Telehealth capabilities in Wyoming.  We currently have the capability to meet face-to-face over the internet with multiple specialists around the state and even around the country.   The technology will even allow for a cardiologist in Cheyenne to listen to the heart sounds of the patient sitting here in our clinic.  To learn more about telehealth in Wyoming and our clinic involvement, visit the Wyoming Telehealth website at Wyoming Telehealth Network  and watch the video featuring our clinic.

Lastly, we do provide occupational examinations including DOT exams.  We are able to provide in-house drug and alcohol testing as well as certified chain-of-command drug testing for any business situation.

Join us as we move Wyoming forward in the practice of Evidence-Based Medicine with the help of amazing medical technologies.


Posted May 12, 2011 by Dr. Kaiser

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